Celebrity School Pics

Celebrity School Pics

Would you have predicted stardom for any of these fresh faces?

In some cases, celebrities got their starts pretty early in life. Just look at Gwenyth Paltrow—she was born into stardom and likely never knew anything otherwise (which would explain her holier-than-thou, out of touch with reality newsletter with its equally detestable name). But with other celebs, you might have never guessed that someday they’d be invading your home through the television each night, blathering on about this movie or that cause.

Take these photos of celebrities from their school years, for example. Would you have considered this youthful version of Brad Pitt a heartthrob back in his day? The younger Marilyn Manson would definitely not have turned any heads—at least, the way that he does today. His younger self looks much more average than his larger than life gothic alter ego.

Jennifer Garner, on the other hand, seems to exhibit some kind of sparkle—just as she does in her films. I have yet to see her in a role that’s something different than the sweetheart next door, but her charm is still endearing and fun to watch even if it’s not Oscar-worthy.

If you click on photo #4, I’ll bet you’d never guess who it is. Avril Levigne looks much more like I did at that age than she does today! She seems more science club president than punk rocker—but then again, you can be both. The same goes for Charlize Theoron, who was just as pretty but unfortunately saddled with some huge, huge glasses—I can empathize, Charlize! My first pair were quite large as well, and clearish-pink to boot.

Jeremy Piven (photo 6), meanwhile, looks like half of the boys I grew up with—which is probably why he makes such a good sidekick character. His face blends pretty well within the crowd. Nick Lachey (photo 9) on the other hand seems to have remained the same. It’s funny how some people look so different from childhood photos while others haven’t aged a day.

I think one of my favorite photos in the entire batch is Mariah Carey (photo 10). She looks so next-door girl while still being beautiful, with a casual layer of hair and those trademark shining eyes and winning smile. I know her big, bouncy hair is one of her new trademarks, but I happen to like her layered high school look and certainly wouldn’t mind if she chose to revert to that style.