The Deepest Photo You'll Ever See

The Deepest Photo You'll Ever See

If that title makes no sense, it will in a moment...

I wouldn’t say this is a funny photo, but it is a photo nevertheless so I decided to make mention of it here, in the photo blog. I happened upon it when I was on Facebook one day. A good friend of mine posted up a link to said picture. Under the link, she wrote “This basically describes how I feel about God.” So, of course I had to click on it.

This picture link was actually retrieved off of 4chan. For those not familiar let’s just say 4chan is a site not known for the most positive imagery online.

Knowing all this, I still clicked. If anything, it was a fun read. I feel as if it almost preys into our subconscious, or attempts to, anyway. It touches on an age old, ever popular question: “What is the meaning of life?” It might also have you questioning within yourself “Who am I?.. Really.”

Your comfortable feelings about knowing the scope of the universe (and that we reside within the Milky Way and only on one arm and so forth) may just be obliterated. This picture also dances around the really deep aspects of human value and then also nature, as in, human nature.

By the end of reading this picture (which makes no sense until you click here), you may question whether God or the idea of a higher being is actually not a deity up above, but in you, in your soul.

Friends, you will either write this off as nonsense or you’ll relate to it completely. How you decide to interpret it is entirely up to you.