Let's alter our kids!

Let's alter our kids!

Photoshopping makes it easy to remember our kids in a way they never were.

I really hope that parents can detect the sarcasm in my voice when I make these statements, because altering our kids’ photos is one of the most heinous things I think we can do. Is it as bad as bleaching your Honey Boo-Boo sugar pie’s teeth and hair or providing plastic surgery for tweens? No, but it’s in the same arena.

I remember when they offered “photo retouching” when I was in grade school. It happened first when I was in about the fourth grade, and they offered to “retouch” our pimples and “blemishes” for a fee. Then we could remember ourselves as beautiful and not the hideous Chud children we were.

Seriously? If you’re going to pay for this you might as well say that you don’t love your child the way he or she is and you couldn’t stand to look at him or her, so you paid extra to have your kid “altered.” It’s the very first step toward telling your child that he or she isn’t perfect the way he or she is and that your kid better get on that road toward improvement NOW—if you haven’t already.

Please don’t pay for these ridiculous photo alterations. Let your children know that you love them just as they are right now, warts and all.