A New Adaptation of Dick in a Box

A New Adaptation of Dick in a Box

Who's got his male period? This guy.

A new adaptation of The Lonely Island’s famous SNL skit: Dick in a Box. Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 blogger, Carly Hallam recently uploaded this picture of a gentleman who obviously had the brilliant Halloween costume idea to trick others into thinking he had severed his penis off and put it in a box, complete with a pretty ribbon tied on top.

Tosh.0 is a television show that airs on Comedy Central and has quite a following. The show is hosted by Daniel Dwight Tosh, who is a stand-up comedian. The show premiered on June 4th, back in 2009. This show is centered on viral internet videos and pictures. The show was only supposed to air for 10 episodes. Though, when it became the second most-watched television show on cable, Comedy Central renewed their contract with Daniel Tosh. It has now been running for a solid three seasons.

The show finds its motivation from viewer participation. The Tosh.0 blog is constantly aflame with snarky comments, because of viral pictures and uploads. Daniel Tosh utilizes the popularity of social networking in his show, by communicating with his fans on the East Coast live during the taping of his shows via: tweeting on his twitter account.

This takes the term “Dick in a Box” to a whole new level. Unfortunately, as stated in the comments below the picture: “If you lose the box in the midst of party hopping, then you just look like a dude with blood on his pants.” Ew. If I were this guy, I’d be wearing shades to hide my face too.