So Wong it Must Be Wright

So Wong it Must Be Wright

America is known as a melting pot. We accept all races here.

So why is racism a form of humor amongst some social groups on American soil?

A common belief in America is that those of Asian descent have super brains. So they’ll go on to become math teachers or cure cancer or HIV and lead a humble, yet white collar lifestyle. On the other hand, a good old white bread American will do average in school. Then they’ll go on to work as a Mechanic and be the blue collar back bone of this country.

The top comment below the picture sums it up well: “Becoming a math professor is Wong, discovering cures to major illnesses is Wong, working at Napa Autoparts for life is Wright. Go America.”

To be honest, scrolling the comments below this picture are really the brunt of the whole joke. You might see a response to the picture such as, ROR (raff out roud) as opposed to the standard internet slang, LOL (laugh out loud). Then someone may post RMAO (abbreviation for raffing my ass (arse) off). Again, this differs from the standard LMAO, abbreviation for Laughing my ass off.

Further along in the comments, responses go so far as to state where this photo was taken and how the location matters in terms of humor.

When your average American is scrolling the internet with no particular destination in mind (also known as a troll); and they happen to run across a photo such as this (pictured). Why would they find it hilarious?

Well, my guess is because of those facts, exactly. We are a melting pot and we do accept all races in this country. This picture merely makes our acceptance of racial profiling blatantly obvious.