Tommy Hilfiger Models Walking on Water

Tommy Hilfiger Models Walking on Water

There is already a ton of sites that have the same "business model" as PSD: Photoshop Disasters, but I think they must have all missed this little gem that is currently the homepage of Tommy Hilfiger

When I first looked at the photo I was like "Whoa - HELLO! CALL ME!", but then I started to notice how bizarre it all looks. There is so much wrong with this picture but I will get down to the few glaring ones:

There is no shadows and nobodys hair is moving. When people are about to fall in the water you would think there would be some shadow - or even bright reflections from those pants!

The pants are wet, the hair is damp; but those shaved, fabulous bodies are bone dry.

Everyone in the photo (besides one who looks scared of the "water") is checking out the new, hip, Jesus guy (he's cool because he wears sunglasses, obviously) - probably because he is walking on water (no doubt leading the tribe of hotties off the set and into the promised land).

Oh, advertisers can be so silly sometimes.

How do you think they made this shot? Like a green screen and everyone had to do a little jump over a pole (no pun intended)?