What I Really Do

What I Really Do

The newest funny photo craze

Have you seen the newest craze for internet photos? They are called the “What I Really Do” photos, and they are soaring in popularity. You can find them in any topic, from mothering to blogging to gaming. They all vary slightly, but mostly follow the same pattern. There are six different photos portraying a certain action. Below each photo is a caption, such as, “What my friends think I do.” If you want to find one of these photos that relates to your life try visiting Scoop.it!

What is it about these photos that people find irresistible? I think it may be the fact that it allows us to laugh at ourselves and share our interests with others. When people can laugh at themselves it provides them with a tiny bit of a release. For example, when I am up to my elbows in dirty diapers, ramen noodles, and trying to complete my freelance work for the day, I can find a small sanctuary in the Mother photo above.

If you want to add a fun twist to these photos you can create your own. Add custom photos or a different twist on a favorite topic to make it all your own. For example, this “What I Really Do” photo about freelance blogging perfectly depicts how others, and myself, view my career choice. It makes me laugh to see that I am not alone, and that others understand the different stereotypes typical to this type of work. What do you think? What is your favorite “What I Really Do” funny photo