What is a Photobomb?

What is a Photobomb?

All sorts of new lingo have appeared on the internet(s) thanks to more and more active users. In the Americas alone, it is estimated that some 488 million users regularly log onto the internet. In the world over, that number goes up to 2 billion or more. Read more about internet usage statistics here.

One such word: photobomb. According to hub pages, the act of photo bombing has been around since the invention of photography, yet it wasn’t until recently that we actually had a name for this illusive verb.

In essence a photo bomb is where someone who shouldn’t be in a photo appears in the foreground, background, diagonally, perhaps in just the right hand corner, etc. The photo bomber knows no boundaries.

Some photos are bombed intentionally, some are not. Some people consider photo bombing a sport. They will show up at clubs, dance halls, and weddings to simply crash photos. Therein lays the difference between a photo bomber and a party crasher.

Both will be unwanted and unexpected company, but the photo bomber will be forever recorded as a nuisance, because of the photographic evidence.

Tosh.0 (a television series on Comedy Central hosted by comedian, Daniel Tosh) features a website with a section devoted to funny pictures. Some of the pictures are hilarious; because they weren’t intended to be funny, but as with most humor… merely living your life can make for some of the funniest moments. That, or simply being at the right place, at the right time. You’ll see what I mean, click: 10 Best Wedding Photobombs